Skyway Park is Airport Parking

for Pearson International Airport (YYZ)

Skyway Park is Aiport Parking and more! We provide several options for parking near Toronto Pearson International Airport, with industry leading shuttle service, and unrivaled service options . The chart below outlines all our offerings, click through to learn more about each of our services, locations, rates, and options!

Secure Parking

24 - 7 Shuttle

And More!

  • Self Park @ Skyway Park North
  • On-Demand Airport Shuttle
  • Luggage Assist
  • Emergency access to Vehicle Recovery Tools
  • Optional Insurance
  • Battery & Tire Check
  • Car Depot @ Skyway Park Main
  • No Shuttle Service Circle.png
  • Business Vehicle Inventory Circle.png
  • Long Term Storage Circle.png

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Valet Parking

Valet Parking provides fast and immediate access to the airport, drop off your vehicle by the check in counter where we will take care of parking it and returning it when you return. Our valet drivers manage vehicle preperation and additional services in advance of your return

🗺 Skyway Park Central

934 Dixon Rd., Toronto, ON. M9W 1J9

Located across the street from the airport, our facility provides fast drop off, access to car wash & detail services, and an auto-shop


  • Fast Transfer
  • Complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport
  • Surveillance cameras and fenced, well-lit lot
  • Secure key storage

Schedule & Phone

  • Open All Year, No exceptions
  • Open 24 hours each day
  • 416-674-1754

⏳Fast Transfer Valet Only

Available only at our Valet Location we provide immediate airport transfer when you park and when you return.
The close proximity and an excess number of shuttles rotating between the Airport Terminals and our Valet location ensures that our transfer times remain notably fast.


Please Note:
Skyway Park can not be held responsible for you missing your flight. We recommend checking in a minimum of 2 hours before your flight, but be certain to respect the airline recommendations and feel free to come in as early as you see fit! We often do take daring, last-minute, individuals - even those referred by our competitors who claim we are their designated overflow lot when they have no more spaces.

🚐On-Demand Airport Shuttle

No need to wait for a bus or call a taxi to get you in and out of the airport. We are fully licenced to take you in and out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. By keeping multiple shuttles in service and summoning them to you when you check in, or get back - we provide the BEST airport parking option for people who don't want to risk missing their flight, and the most flexibility in case your flight returns just a little too unpredictibly late!

How it works:
  1. Call / Check-In
  2. We send a Shuttle to you


Our drivers are exceptional at driving and we encourage them to take care of the little things too: opening doors, driving you closest to your airline counter, or helping you with your luggage. Their white-glove service goes a long way when the airport gets overwhelmed with ever-increasing Pearson traffic. We certainly hope you appreciate the extra service! 👨‍✈️


⛄Winter Car Care Valet Only

Available only at our Valet Location During the winter months, we offer additional service included free with Valet Park to keep you away from Canadian Winter just a bit longer! This allows you to return to a snow-free, warmed up and ready to go car immediately after you return.

How your car is prepared

With Winter Car Care, we prepare you vehicle the morning prior to your arrival

  • Pre-warm vehicle - check & boost battery
  • Clear snow from all windows
  • Visual check of tire inflation
  • Return your vehicle from parking lot to the front of our Central location for quick access

Also, When you call for pick up - if we can maintain supervision of your vehicle

  • We move your vehicle to our supervisor drop off position
  • We warm your vehicle with the key in - for easy access
  • Assist you with luggage as we transfer you immediately from the shuttle to your car.

🚻Washrooms & Bottled Water🚰 Valet Only

At our valet lot, we believe in prioritizing your comfort. We offer complimentary bottled water and restroom facilities to refresh you after a long journey. Whether you've been on the road or in the air, these amenities are always appreciated! Skyway Park distinguishes itself from the competition through our meticulous attention to even the smallest details.

🧹Auto-Detailing Valet Only

Enhance your experience with our Valet Park Add-Ons. We offer a range of car detailing packages that include washing, cleaning, waxing, and detailing your vehicle. To ensure utmost convenience, your car will be impeccably groomed a day before your return according to the package chosen. Enjoy the luxury of stepping into a pristine, freshly detailed car after your journey, with no additional waiting time!

Basic ExteriorExterior Hand Wash
BronzeComplete Interior and Exterior cleaning, Interior Vacuum, Windows
SilverComplete Interior and Exterior cleaning, Interior Vacuum, Windows, One Step Wax
GoldComplete Interior and Exterior cleaning, Interior Vacuum, Windows, One Step Wax, Interior Shampoo
WorksFull Detailing, 3 Step Buffing Polish and Wax, Full Interior Shampoo

🛢Oil Change Valet Only

Upgrade your experience with our Valet Park Add-Ons. Now you can return from your trip to a vehicle that's been professionally serviced and ready to hit the road. Our qualified technicians, trusted by airport taxi service providers, will perform an oil change on your vehicle a day before your arrival. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your car maintenance has been taken care of while you were away, eliminating any further wait or hassle!

Basic OilBasic Oil Change
Synthetic OilSynthetic Oil Change

Real Reservations

We take and hold reservations...