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How your parking charge is calculated?

All rates and rate calculations are subject to change, see indemnity clause specified on receipt!
To see the specific Rates for services available online, use this chart:
Pick A Service: Flat Rate Daily Rate Weekly Rate Monthly Rate
$0.00 $11.95 $59.73 $119.47
Days Applicable: day 1 - day 4 day 5 - day 7 day 12 - day 30

Each Service Skyway Park offers have a specific Daily Rate, Weekly Rate, and Monthly Rate that is used to calculate the price of parking. We start by evaluating the total number of days you will be parking for; with that total, we determine the number of months you are parking, the number of weeks you are parking, and the remaining number of days you are parking (that were not considered in monthly or weekly time periods) all contributing to your final total. By Offering Weekly Rates and Monthly Rates Skyway Park is able to provide more affordable parking the more you park!

For Example...

If you were to park for 41 days We would calculate the number of days parking as:

  • 1 Month for the first 31 days
  • 1 Week for the following 7 days
  • 3 Days for the remaining 3 days
This adds up to 41 days, and you have taken advantage of both the Monthly rate, and the Weekly rate in that time span. The Monthly rate is calculated first, then the Weekly, then the Daily. Bringing you Maximum savings every time you park.

Other Definitions

Call In Time
The time that you called us at our desk for your pick-up at your terminal is recognized as the time of your actual return.
Should the time of your actual return be over 24 hours earlier than the time of your scheduled return you paid, your charge amount is recalculated with the amount you already paid and will be refunded.
Delay Charge
Should the time of your actual return be later than the time of your scheduled return you paid, $2.00 per every 3 hours is to be additionally charged as the delay charge.
Extended Day
However, such Delay Charges can be avoided by your advance notice to our Skyway Park over 6 hours prior to the time of your scheduled return by identifying your Skyway Park Control/Receipt # to our check-in desk via email, fax or phone call. Upon our receipt of such notice or advice from you, the date and time of your newly scheduled return is recognized as "Extended or Postponed" date and time and charged for so many extended days at $10.00 Easy Payment amount per day.

Special Notes

Skyway Park asks you to pay special attention to the single most frequent misunderstanding by our customers, and that is the calculation of the day, which is made from your Check-In Time at our check-in counter but NOT from your Flight Check-In Time at your airline counter. The days are calculated on an hourly unit of 24-hours a day, NOT on a per day unit.

Skyway Park is also actively offering various attractive campaign rates and group rates throughout the year. Please contact our Marketing and Customer Relations of our updated news.

Please contact our Marketing and Sales group to find out about the great benefits of the SCR Program.