Skyway Park

Airport Parking

Open 24/7 Since 1990!


Skyway Park is the best off-airport parking lot near Pearson International Toronto Airport

Skyway Park provides full service vehicle parking for Lester Pearson International Airport in Toronto. Located only 7 minutes away from the airport, Skyway Park, makes affordable parking convenient as our location allows you to avert all the heavy traffic Canada's biggest airport can attract. In addition to parking, we also provide complimentary shuttle service directly to and from the most relevant terminal at no extra cost.

We Are Open
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long with no exceptions. Our shuttle service is always ready to quickly pick you up from the Airport by calling a free world-wide 1-800 number, in fact, our service is so fast we consistently remind our customers to first pick up their luggage and clear customs before calling us! Our shuttle bus drivers will help you with your luggage, drive you directly between where you parked your car and the airport terminal, and will accommodate any number of passengers traveling with you - all included regardless of which service you use.

Skyway Park prides itself in being able to provide any extraneous parking essentials that may be overlooked by customers with the intention to ensure no one will need to worry about their vehicle while they are traveling. This includes keeping on hand air compressors, battery chargers, booster seats, and ice scrapers available on request. We even tend to unusual requests that include car check ups or lost parking tickets.

Our Parking Lot

Front of our Main Lot

Skyway Park offers a large, 5-acre parking lot, and two service lots near by that allow us to support a large number of travelers.

Our main lot features a paved, deep setback and spacious front square - ideal for managing a large number of Personal Care customer cars, A large number of Shuttle Buses, Maintenance Equipment, and large lanes for check-in and departing customers. Even in busy seasons vehicles can move in and out with ease.

We maintain our lot through snow removal service, additional staffing during weather events, and resurfacing equipment on site. A well maintained lot allows us to make the best use of space and decrease the number of accidents or issues that occur.