Skyway Park offers an exclusive and an original style of shuttle service for our customers and clients.
We are well known as the best destination for airport parking near the Toronto Airport with the most frequent free shuttle services in the market.

Skyway Park operates an on demand shuttle service, rather than a shuttle operating on a set time schedule. So when our customers' arrive at our parking lot they are immediately taken to the airport, and when our customers arrive to the airport they are immediately picked up on request. With a shuttle that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, getting in and out of the airport has never been easier.

The time it takes our shuttle for airport drop-off and pick-up is typically under 15 minutes, certain rare traffic congestions or situations may occur from time to time beyond our control, however, being located so conveniently close to the airport enables us to avert - detour most minor traffic - and maintain the 10 minute shuttling between the terminals and Skyway Park as our daily working target.

Therefore, we provide our complimentary airport shuttle to our customers with the following eight unique services:

The 8 ways Skyway Park shuttle drivers serve you better:

Consequently, our shuttle service is well-known to the frequent travelers who have tried us, as the one with the best, most convenient service by the friendliest and most honest drivers and attendants.


Self Park means that after your check-in process, our shuttle van guides your car to the spot where you park and you carry your car keys with you. You park your car at your own risk. See the liability clause on your Receipt issued for your payment.

You will transfer your luggage to our van which shuttles you away to your terminal. Our driver will help you to unload and load up your luggage but you control your car keys after you park your car at your designated spot until you get shuttled back to your car at the same spot on your return. This system is the most cost-effective option, and gives you control of your own keys.


This system assigns you a designated Personal Care parking spot, and we keep your keys until you return. All other conveniences are the same as Self Park.

This is especially convenient during the hot summer days or freezing winter, because prior to your arrival, it allows us to prepare your car with a comfortable interior temperature and with the engine ready for a quick exit.