Reviews of Skyway Park

Skyway Park receives numerous positive reviews for our service, and always welcome more. If you want to share with us your experience feel free to Contact Us anytime!

Low wait times with friendly staff

I have been using Skyway Park for 10 years and keep coming back. Wait times are low and the staff/drivers are very friendly - especially Suresh. Thanks
David K.

Excellent Service and a Great Rate!

I will never park anywhere else! Talk about getting excellent service and a great rate! They always are on time, friendly, and help load and unload your luggage. Once when I was flying alone in the winter with my 6-month-old baby, I got home during a snowstorm to find my car had been cleaned off and shoveled out. The driver even waited until I was safely in the car and it was started.
Silka Q.

Our experience pays off in service, Skyway Park is here to help!

I just wanted to write that I recently used Skyway Park for third consecutive time and I was again extremely satisfied with the service I received. On this occasion our driver came into the terminal to help with our luggage as we were strapping our 8 month old into his car seat and when we got dropped off to our vehicle the battery was dead and the driver quickly returned with a booster pack to get us up and running again. I will continue to recommend and use Skyway Park. Thanks,
Mark N.

Skyway Park does not leave their customers stranded!

Last evening at about 9:30 when your driver brought us back to our vehicle we found, to our dismay, that our battery had died over the time we had been away. Very quickly and efficiently he boosted our battery and got us on our 2 1/2 hour drive home. Thanks to him, and to all your staff, who politely get the job done. When we fly out of Pearson we never think of going elsewhere to park our vehicle.
- William O.

Skyway Park maintains high quality service even in unpredictable weather!

I really appreciate your service when my flight was cancelled and there was snow everywhere in the parking lot and on my car. When I finally arrived on the 17th from Philadelphia, your driver was not only patient and helpful, shoveling to help my car get out of the lot, but also lent me his scraper when mine broke off my brush.

Thank you so much - and you have my permission to use my quoted thanks in full as a happy customer.

Best regards,
Dominique Millette