How to make a reservation with Skyway Park on the Internet

We currently have two different ways available for you to make a parking reservation with Skyway Park, which is flexibly designed to accommodate your needs.

Why we recommend you to make reservation with us:

Having a 5 acre parking lot allows us to accomodate almost all cases of last minute customers. However, during major vacation periods including Christmas, New Year's week, Valentines Day, March Break, Victoria's Day, Labour Day, and Family Day we see a huge influx of customers, where we consistantly reach maximum capacity.

By Reserving your spot online you avoid losing your spot, or bidding for a parking spot as parking availability near the airport deminishes especially during popular travel times
Therefore, we suggest to all our customers, book your spot, guarentee yourself the best rate in advance and enable us to expedite your check-in process, which can save you from missing your flight.

Here are the summary of those potential benefits and conveniences obtained by your early booking:

	a) Guaranteed Price, know what you are going to pay, before you arrive
	b) Online promotional prices are given to you, automatically
	c) Reduce your check in time
	d) Better accommodation for other services we provide, such as Car Care or Complementary Shuttle

Additionally, We do not require critical data such as the driver's license # and credit card # for booking. Your Name, Car License Plate #, Date & Time of Flight Departure and Return are all what we need for our reservation as essential information. Protection of privacy and security of other's property are what counts to us at Skyway Park.

When Credit card #'s or other personal information is requested, we will ensure a Security certificate from VeriSign or Pay Pal e-payment services to be implemented, as a way to guarantee your protection from those reliable institutions.

How we evaluate your reservation.

You can book your parking spot with us for 3 different types of check-in at our Skyway Park as specified:

  1. Skyway Express Check-In (SEC) by the Skyway Park website reservation.
  2. Advantage Express Check-In (AEC) by the deposit payment reservation.
  3. Priority Express Check-In (PEC) by the pre-payment reservation.
When you choose to book with Skyway Park Web Reservation, you will be registered to Skyway Express Check-In (SEC) automatically and offered with Priority Express Check-In (PEC) optionally.
With alternative Web Booking Service Providers, you are to be registered to Advantage Express Check-In (AEC) automatically, but will face a small fee as deemed by that provider