Personal Care Service Parking

Personal Care Parking (PC Service Parking for short) is a unique and unmatched service provided by Skyway Park for Pearson International Airport. It provides you with the best and most secured parking spots along with vehicle accountability reports. Skyway Park will hold your keys, de-ice and warm up your car in the winter, and have your car ready waiting for you when you return. Personal Care parking will get you home in the most comfortable manner possible at a cost of a one time flat fee to our regular self-park price. Try our Personal Care Service Parking today!

How Skyway Park's Personal Care Parking works:

  1. We do not park your vehicle: You park your car right up at the front of our parking lot, where we have spots designated for PC parking inside of Skyway Park. On occasion we will guide you to park at a special secured parking location used for premium use.
  2. We then check your vehicles' state and condition of both exterior and interior, filling out our PC Slip and mutually signing it upon agreement. We also record: mileage, fuel gauge, physical conditions, and equipped accessories.
  3. We then retain your keys and attach it to the slip after you check-in and make payment. Putting your keys in safe supervised storage and immediately shuttle you to the airport.
  4. We do not drive around with your vehicle, or relocate it, it remains in the same parking spot as you leave it, a fully secured parking area for all cars using our PC service parking.
  5. We will prepare your vehicle before you arrive including warming it up appropriately, clearing snow, and removing ice or frost off your vehicle during the winter. This allows us to have your vehicle ready when you return from the airport just as you left it

We do not Joy Ride vehicles / Relocate vehicles / Move vehicles / Roughly handle vehicles at any time. The full safety of your vehicle is fully warranted every time you park with Skyway Park's PC Parking Service!