Customer Relations

Skyway Park bases our business on its accountability and strong corporate ethic for our customer relations. We aim to maintain public confidence in us by listening to both claims and accolades from our customers and clients. And we serve them as our friends and as the members of our own families by assuring that they are well communicated and informed to the full agreement on any service programs Skyway Park offers.

We believe that sufficient satisfaction of the customers' needs to their comfortable point shall be achieved ahead of their actual usage of our off-airport parking services.

Skyway Park relates with our customers and clients by our respectful, responsible and reliable manners for our maximum flexibility to their requirements. And we stand on the premise, "to err is human". To that end, we will not hide our mistakes but will hold them up to the light to learn from them.

We listen, learn and lead in this off-airport parking service business. As the principal of our customer relations, we remain interactive, adaptable and receptive to the variety of our customers' needs.

We do value, maintain and nurture the clientele relationships with every one of our customers through our dedicated efforts of customer relations.

For any questions and information you need, please feel free to contact our Communication or Marketing and Customer Relations representatives and please note the liability clause specified on your payment Receipt/Ticket for the self park status. Refer to the sample tickets shown on the Printable Data page.

For information regarding contacting us visit our Contact Us page