After you arrive at 60 Skyway Avenue, drive through our main gate to the front square, yield to stop your car at the designated waiting area and walk in to our check-in counter. You may be asked to wait in line for your check-in procedures during the peak time.

It is your option, if you wait in your car, outside or inside our check-in office.

The next basic Five (5) steps are essential and very useful for your smooth and quick check-in process for your swift get-away to your departure terminals.


Please go to the designated waiting area in front of the check-in office.

For your smooth registration at our check-in counter during peak times when there is a line up, please identify your type of check-in from the four options below, prior to your check-in process.

Your name, car license plate # and flight schedule are requested at minimum.

Payments can be made by Cash, T.C., Debit Card or any major Credit Cards.

  1. If you have a reservation and your payment made in advance, Please submit both materials to the Express check-in counter to obtain your personalized Skyway Park Ticket/Receipt and proceed to Step 2.
  2. If you already have a reservation but your payment is not done, Please submit your reservation material to our Express check-in counter and wait for your name to be called to the counter to obtain your personalized Skyway Park Ticket/Receipt for your payment
  3. If you have no reservation but Skyway Park Coupon with you,Please submit it, process your check-in and pay for your Coupon rate at the counter.
  4. If you have no reservation or Skyway Park Coupon with you, Please fill in the QCI Form available at our desk and hand it over to us, or just register your check-in on the regular terms.


Enter our check-in booth to register, following one of the four the Check-in options you chose, make payments and obtain your personalized Skyway Park Ticket/Receipt with Pick-up time advices from our friendly check-in clerk.

Make sure that your personalized Skyway Park Ticket/Receipt shall be stored in a safe place or carried with you as you travel. The receipt will serve as proof of payment and identify your vehicle when you call for a Pick-up and return back to Skyway Park.


Ensure that you identify yourself to our driver of the first available Skyway Park shuttle van who will lead you to your parking spot. Follow our van to your designated spot that our dispatcher allot and instruct our driver to guide you to.


Confirm that your entire luggage is transferred from your car to your Skyway Park shuttle van, although our shuttle drivers will assist you in your loading and unloading luggage. Do not forget taking out with you everything that you will need on your trip.


Please board your Skyway Park van for the shuttle to the airport terminals

We appreciate your patience, should the van be required to pick up some customers at other rows in our parking lot and to drop off some others at the different terminals, as the case may be.

However, please feel free to remind our driver of your time schedule, should that be constraints or you feel it necessary to remind him. And do not leave our shuttle van without all of your belongings, although our shuttle driver will assist you with your luggage upon your arrival at your terminal.