SEVEN (7) TIPS for the best selection of airport parking lot near Lester Pearson International, Toronto Airport

  1. Log on to the Internet to search for the Toronto Airport parking lots
  2. Consult with your travel or tour professionals and solicit their recommendations.
  3. Email or phone directly to some of these firms and get their responses to essential questions identified below
  4. Confirm those key data so that there are ambiguous information prior to entrusting your vehicles to their guardianship
  5. Assure yourself that they satisfy your needs and that they have passed the 3 R's test of Responsiveness,Responsibility and Reliability !
  6. Evaluate their offerings carefully including your liabilities on the self park
  7. Confirm that what was agreed upon in advance is the same as what is being offered at the check-in counter.

TEN (10) POINTS of clarification for your choice over airport parking service providers.

  1. What is their purpose of incorporation as an off-airport parking service operator?
  2. How accountable is the management and the operation on keeping their commitments?
  3. What the customer's relation policies are and how those are carried out?
  4. How flexible, versatile and beneficial the promotional programs and services are to the consumer?
  5. How honest, reliable and friendly the parking attendants and drivers are?
  6. How frequent the shuttle services are?
  7. What security measures are implemented for the multiple day & overnight parking safety?
  8. What troubleshooting remedies are available to warrant the worry free parking?
  9. What the other valuable services are and how those are carried out?
  10. How reasonable the charge rates are with no compromise on quality or other services?