Do you have a free shuttle, how far are you from the airport?

Yes, we have a complimentary shuttle services that transport our customers to and from the airport as required. Our Skyway Park has been well known as the best destination airport parking with the most frequent shuttle services in the market to suit our customer's flight schedule but not on regular time schedule.

How often does your shuttle come to pick up your passengers at the airport terminals?

Our Skyway Park was incorporated to serve the travelers of every type and segments of both consumer and professional markets at the reasonable and affordable rates with the most frequent shuttle service to and from the Toronto Airport.

As we hold the shuttle service of flexible, friendly and sincere quality being the most vital ingredient of the off-airport parking operation, our shuttles are provided to our customers not on the regular time schedule but to suit their individual's flight schedule, so even a single or small group of travelers will be shuttled away in time for their flight schedules to the terminals and will be picked up within 10 minutes upon your phone call from the terminal to us.

When I arrive at 4:00 am this Sunday morning (Aug 3), will someone shuttle me to the airport right away?

Certainly, our free shuttle will take you quickly to your departure terminal upon your receipt of your personalized Skyway Ticket after completion of your check-in process at our check-in desk, which takes place during 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

How can you guarantee that I will be picked up from the airport within the time that you advertise? We need to make sure of it this time, because in the past, we have had to wait for the shuttle bus for more than one hour at the terminal last time when I parked with another parking company.

Our daily practice of airport pick-ups vary within 15 minutes (max), unless any traffic congestions or situations beyond our controls are imposed on our shuttle operation. The10 minute shuttling between the terminals and Skyway Park is our working target. The frequency of our shuttle services would make it almost impossible for you to wait for our pick-up van more than one hour, unless some other unknown or uncontrollable causes be involved in your previous cases.

How much would you charge if I only need to park temporarily while I am seeing my friend off at the terminal and picking up my car after about one or two hours?

One day rate is $10.00 after taxes and Skyway Park offers no hourly rate but $6.00 flat up to 6 hours is requested, while $10.00 flat for more than 7 hours to 24 hours is used for these special needs of our valued customers.

Will someone pick me up at the airport, should I arrive late at night? Is there a way to contact one of the shuttle drivers upon returning from our trip?

Please review Drop-off and Pick-Up page on this web. Yes, upon your return at your terminal, pick up your luggage first, call us by the telephone # on your Skyway Ticket. Our dispatcher on 24/7 duty at the booth will provide you with your Pick-Up (#) for the extremely busy time and advise you which post # outside your terminal where you wait for our pick-up. Before you board our shuttle, our drivers will require your Pick-Up (#) or Skyway Ticket (#) as confirmation and will get your back to our Skyway Park parking lot within 10 minutes approximately.

Do I park, lock and take my keys with me?

Yes, you do. Our 5 acres of parking space at Skyway Park is primarily for Self-Park under 24 hours tight security supervision. But all what you need is to check-in for your registration of your parking spot and settle your parking fees first. Please review Check-In Steps page on this website. After you checked in, our shuttle driver guides you to your parking spot designated, take you keys with you and shuttled away with our attending Skyway Park van to your terminal.

What can we do about damages or losses of our car and its contents, should it suffer from some vandalism or break-ins while you are in a Self-Park?

As soon as you notice the damage or loss, please report immediately to our check-in counter open 24 hours. Even though our safety and security standard and the results in our Skyway Park have been proven excellent, those could happen. Upon receipt of your report, we will assist you in processing your claim for the best solution including claiming through your insurance and our arrangement with our own insurance company to support your claim to your insurance or letting both insurance companies to settle for your best benefits.

Since you are in a Self-Park, our insurance would not allow us to be liable to other than our own insured properties. Accordingly, our sense of security and safety of our customers' properties within our parking lot on our guard is always at the maximum extent.

Please review Shuttle and Security page on this website for the more detail to reassure yourself of our security and insurance claim policy.

What should we do, if we find that we have left our personal effects in your shuttle van after we have arrived home?

We usually keep such personal effects of our customers such as luggage found in our shuttle van and should we be able to identify those, we will contact the owners directly.

If we are unable to identify the owners, we store these until the owners contact us. It is entirely up to you, whether you decide to come back to pick up those personal properties or ask us to make delivery arrangement for those items to your address and we are happy to do so on freight collect base.

Would you pay the taxi fare, if I take a taxi to your parking lot, because I could not wait for your shuttle van to pick me up at my arrival terminal?

Unfortunately we are not able to pay such fare and expense.. Our shuttle service is designed as a courtesy service and an added value for your choice of Skyway Park. Accordingly some customers have been making their choice to be driven by the cars of their family members or friends often from our Skyway Park to their terminals after they parked their vehicles with us.

The fare of any taxi from or to Toronto Airport to or from Skyway Park seems on average $14.00 one way.

What can you do for us, if your driver did not or could pick us up on time or as scheduled, even though we were at the waiting post as instructed? And some other waiting customers hopped in your shuttle van by skipping their turns in non orderly manner and we have been left out, while those have been shuttled away first. We have experienced such an unfair treatment while on our recent trip, although not necessarily your drivers' faults but your driver should have handled the situation more fairly for your patiently waiting customers.

The issue you pointed out is extremely valid. Such situations have been occurred when all the return flights happened at the same time zone due to some flight delays or changes. Please note that the daily return flight schedules of all airlines are carefully monitored by our dispatcher on duty for our well advanced preparation. Although those off-scheduled flight situations were not under our control, usually we deal with the state of congestions by serving our waiting customers on a first-come and first-serve basis according to the time that they call us for their pick-up from the terminals. However, should you experience any unfair practices at the pick-up zone of which feel free to call us or to explain to our drivers arriving at for your pick-up. We will act accordingly and rectify the situations professionally.

As your Ticket states we understand that "self park service" is only possible all at our own costs for all damages and losses in case occurred, in connection with our car parked. Then what measures and degree can you provide us to for the safety and security standard of your parking property ?

We provide our maximum and best efforts and measures for the safety and security of our parking lot with barbed wired, strategically placed lights and random patrols by the cruiser and human deployments 24/7. But the safety and security statements by us constitute no charge factors or refer to contractual covenants over the car parked on our self park service. Our excellence of safety and security practice shall not be construed for us to be liable and responsible to the damages and losses of the cars parked, whatever may causes. Any cars parked under self park status are neither in our control nor in our custody. We just lease to our customers only a parking space at $0.25 per hour on average and all the safety and security measures we refer to are on our parking property but not on each car parked, particularly, under our self park service. The liability over the cars parked on the self park and our statements of safety & security on our parking facility are entirely different matters. Skyway Park would not be liable to any assets parked on the self park status. So, we recommend you that you should park your car as valet park of Skyway Park style, above all if your car is luxurious and attractive one. We work on guard for 24/7 to maintain our parking lot safe at the maximum level but only God knows what may occur. Read clearly the indemnification clause specified on our Ticket/your Receipt for us governing all the security issue of the cars parked as the self park. Click on the Printable Data page on this web.

We heard that some airport parking operator take the key to grade up the self park status to the valet park service at the self park rate. Do you have such self park services?

No, absolutely not. Skyway Park provide no pseudo-self park or valet park services. You pay self park rate though handing your car key over to the parking operator, which causes quite confusing risky problems, in case some troubles take place. Skyway Park count most on the accountability. We take no car key on our self park service, as the car shall remain in the customer's control and custody at the owner's own risks, since the parking operator only lease a parking space to the self park customer. Go for our valet park service of Skyway Park style which's very unique, should you wish valet park services.

Do you allow us to carry our dog to the airport ?

Yes, we do, as far as he/she is chained by you or carried in a airline authorized kennel. But let us know beforehand as we may need to arrange for you the independent shuttle, as the case may be, the other passengers are not agreeable.

We heard that you have the Skyway valet park. What are the differences from the others. You transfer our cars to the parking lots off your main parking lot?

Please refer to our web new page to be up-linked shortly. Many critical aspects of safety and security are different for the customer's benefits. We park all the valet park cars at the designated areas near the main office active 24/7. The status checking Slip on the car conditions will be signed prior to the check-in and the key will be sealed until the valet works before the car owner's return.

Do you insure the car parked on your valet park service? How can we make sure of the safety and security aspect of your valet park service?

Prior to your valet park status to be agreed by us, both the customer and Skyway Park must sign the check-up Slip on the car conditions detailed to the mutual consent to enable us to register your car as our valet service where your assets involved are fully insured, while any self park vehicles are not insured or enable to render any parking operators liable to them. Just try it.