Is there anyone available who help me unload my luggage from my car at the airport? I must carry quite heavy luggage with me?

Certainly, all our shuttle drivers on duty are assigned to help our customers load and unload their luggage out of their car for their trip both at our parking lot and airport terminals. Usually there are four points where our customers may require our driver's assistance while parking with us:

Do I have to leave my car keys with you?

It is all up to your choice. If you wish to leave your car keys with us, our Personal Care Service Park (formally known as valet-type service park) can do it for you on request. But our Self-Park service does request no customers to leave their keys with us at all, unless some clients authorize us to keep their keys for their family members or till their return from trip.

If you choose our Self Park service, you have to carry with you your keys and where your car is parked is protected by our 24 hours security until your return back to retrieve your car.

Do you arrange an exclusive shuttle service to drive me to the airport after I park my car and pick me up at my arrival terminal?

We can arrange such a special service if you are using our PC (Personal Care)Service Park, some premier programs or specific requirements such as medical or health conditions at the different rate scale.

And a well-advanced notice or reservation is a minimum condition requested for such an exclusive service arrangement. Unless otherwise, all of our shuttle service is suited for the individual flight schedules and it is operated in coordination with customers' flight time schedules but not based upon the set-up time table.

Can you pick up my car at my departure terminal and you park it at your lot while I am away in order to pick me up upon my return back to Toronto at my arrival terminal?

Unfortunately we are unable to operate such a service in order to comply with the terminals' traffic requirements set up by Toronto Airport Authority.

Such a service is authorized to only a certain operator appointed by Toronto Airport at the special charge rates exclusively.

Are there any conspicuous differences between your parking lot charging $10.00 a day and others charging $12.50 a day?

No, as far as the system, style and method of the service are concerned, the two are the same off-airport parking operation near Toronto Airport. However, there are certainly fundamental differences in the quality, in dedication and the type of customer service. But the difference of the charge amount never represent correspondingly the degree or level of those aspects of the service. $12.50 is not necessary implying the better quality at all than $10.00 It is simply because the quality is hard to be quantified by $ number. Skyway Park can just prove it.

Independent research would be recommended for you to make your best selection of true value of the off-airport parking service. Do not hesitate to assess the objective facts offered by all the off-airport parking lots near Toronto International Airport. The service quality is not only by $ number but by multiple factors such as the attitude, dedication and level of working ethics of service providers.

How can we obtain the necessary information for our one week parking with you before we make our final decision, although we have heard many good things about your parking service?

A good reputation is certainly a valid tool for making your decision, however, it is still important that you find out the facts by your own direct communication or study.

Please go through this website, feel free to email or phone us for any necessary information or inquiries you may have, clarify all your concerns and establish the mutual consents on the essentials for your airport parking requirements such as charge rate, shuttle service, customer relations, safety and security, customer services and company profile.

Whom should we contact at Skyway Park, should we encounter some problems or troubles in our parking arrangements before we park, during we are processing to park and after we park at your parking lot?

You can always contact our customer relations for any parking related affairs with us before and after your park and for your convenience. Our field manager on duty can be contacted while you are at our parking facility.

You can contact us on our website: Found on our "Contact Us" Page or Tel: 416-674-1754, 416-674-674-0394 or 1-800-474-3820, Fax: 416-674-6949 and Field manager: our check-in office at 60 Skyway Avenue, Etobicoke ON M9W 4Y9

Do we have to tips your shuttle driver?

Due to the types of the off-airport parking service operation that we provide, the jobs our drivers provide to our customers vastly vary by customers' needs at various situations. Therefore, it is absolutely and strictly at your, our customers' discretion whether to tip our drivers or not. We at Skyway Park as the company and management never request our customers to tip our drivers as the part of or the additional to the parking fees you paid at the designated Skyway Parking rate.

Is there anyone I can communicate or talk with, when I have a comment or any troubles or problems with your working staff or drivers, when I feel it not fair or appropriate to complain directly to the person involved?

Thank you for your consideration. But please contact our field manager on duty; they are trained to be impartial and straightforward in dealing with these issues. Should he not be there, ask our staff on desk duty to get in touch with him.

If this is unsuccessful, or if you must be in a hurry, please feel free to leave your name, phone# and other contact information along with a brief description of your problem. Our manager in charge or Customer Relations officer will contact you promptly.

Why do we have to provide you with our travel agent information?

Yes, we recommend that you supply us with this data. It is because your travel agents or tour professionals are probably participated in one of our annual promotional campaign to be awarded by points with Skyway Park Complimentary Coupons to them. You can be definitely of great help to them, if you do so, as being included in any future incentive programs for your own benefits also.

If I lost my credit card transaction record and/or Skyway Park Ticket/Receipt, can you reissue a copy for my expense record?

Certainly we can and we do reissue the copy by your authorization only on your request basis. Our Skyway Park Ticket/Receipt is a single written contractual slip and the formal receipt of your full payment for our parking services. Depending upon the date of the receipts, it might take us a little longer to have you to obtain it.

But as we control and secure in safety extremely tight any records relating to our customers for our rigid privacy policy, we need your clear identification in your application for us to release those materials.

Can you explain what will happen after I arrive at your Skyway Park, 60 Skyway Avenue?

Review the Check-in Steps at Customer Relations' page of this website. The following 6 standard steps are designed for a streamline check-in procedure in our check-in counter with some small variances depending on the actual situation case by case.

Park your car at the center square in front of our check-in booth, just enter our check-in desk for your express check-in, right after you drive in our main gate. And proceed to the next steps.

But during the peak time, you may be asked to standby in line for the check-in procedure, outside or inside your car or our check-in office. It could be 5 to 7 minutes at longest for your check-in procedures completed, although various quick check-in methods will be applied to our waiting customers for quick check-in even for such peak times.

At any rate the next steps are essential for your smooth and quick process and swift get-away to your destination. For the more detail, please review the Check-In Steps page of this web.

  1. Stop your car at the designated waiting area of the central square in front of the check- in booth.
  2. Make sure of what Check-In type you hold by your reservation or outside reservation before entering your check-in process.
  3. Ensure to receive your Skyway Park Ticket/Receipt for your liability clause and full payment and pick-up call to us on your return.
  4. Identify yourself to our first available driver of Skyway Park shuttle van who will lead you to your parking spot as guided by our dispatcher.
  5. Confirm that your entire luggage and personal belongings are transferred from your car to your Skyway Park shuttle van, although our shuttle driver will assist you for those loadings and unloadings.
  6. Board your Skyway Park van and bound to the airport terminals. Should the van be required to pick up other customer's along the way, as the case may be, sometimes needed, we really appreciate for your understandings and patience.

However, always feel free to remind our driver of your time schedule, should you feel it a must or necessary to remind him for your individual convenience or time schedule, while our drivers usually are notified of the flight departure times of each shuttle passengers.