Do you have any group rates? How about company rates? If any, how can we get one?

Yes, we do offer a variety of group rates. We are happy to cooperate or to assist any industries, professional groups, or special interests groups in enjoying our quality service. For the details, please login our website on Rate & Reservation pages and urge you to register your interests by the Message Box on our website www.skywaypark.ca.

Our marketing group will contact you upon receipt of your application registering your interests for the truly beneficial group rates.

How should we handle our baby while being transported in the shuttle van to and from the airport? Are there car seats available or do we bring our own baby chair?

It is absolutely your option how to carry your baby with you in our shuttle van. Usually our customers hold their babies with them at their laps during our shuttle short trip of about 10 minutes to and from the terminals.

In the past we have provided the car seat for the customers' baby but a few years ago we have ceased theat practice under hygiene consideration. If you do decide to bring your own car baby seat into our shuttle, we will take it back to our parking office for a storage after you leave the terminal and keep it for you until you will be back at Toronto Airport and our shuttle driver will go to pick you up with it.

What can you do for us, should we be delayed in arriving at your Skyway Park due to some unforeseen circumstances and there is no sufficient time left to catch our flight at the terminal?

Obviously, what we are able to do is depend on the situation. We suggest that as soon as you are aware that you will possibly miss your flight, on the way to our parking lot, phone us immediately to get us to stand by with our express shuttle arrangement by providing us Your Name, Car License Plate# and Flight Schedule. Our dispatcher will try to do our best and anything possible to get you at your terminal and on your flight.

Last time I used your service, I missed your shuttle van 3 times at the waiting post of the arrival terminal, even though I followed the instructions from your office. How can I avoid this happening again?

Please review Drop-off and Pick-up page of our new website. Unless the states of the terminal congestions are on the amber or yellow alert by our coded classification, any pick-ups practice at the 3 terminals by our shuttles maintain the maximum wait time being between 10 to 20 minutes. Since we are fully aware that our customers are waiting outside the terminal buildings, we strive for minimizing their wait time and attentively looking for our customers. However, our experiences have disclosed that even if our customers and our dispatcher kept tightly communicating each other, while they go wash room or leave the designated post only for a short time or some get absorbed in chatting with their friends inside the terminals, unfortunately our Skyway Park vans reached the post but could not find them at their designated posts. Furthermore, some could not wait outside and went to sit on the bar inside watching through the windows out and they have overlooked our Skyway Park van arrived at the designated post..

Shold you have missed our Skyway Park vans more than twice, if possible, you can leave your cell phone# with our dispatcher for our driver to phone you on his arrival at the post to connect you. Such missing each other for pick-up connection have been often experienced during the high peak times due to the multiple flight returns at the same time zones due to various causes..

Usually Skyway Park has launched "Alert Operations" against such state of over congestion by our deployment of additional vans at the increased shuttle turnover. But in reality, the state is always unpredictable and out of our control. All we can do is to ask you for your cooperation and patience to keep waiting and allowing us to work harder to get you in a home bound ASAP.

How do I claim a refund, should I come back earlier and not use up all the days that I have paid for?

You will be provided a refund for the days on the same calculation formula on your days duration. When you call us to pick you up at your arrival terminal, just remind us of your early return, although we can identify it by your Skyway Park Ticket/Receipt information. Your refund amount would be prepared for you during your shuttle back to our office.

If I decide to postpone my return date, how would I go about avoiding the additional charges?

It is best that you had better let us know your itinerary or flight schedule changes or extension beforehand at latest 6 hours ahead of your original return date and time you registered in your Skyway Park Ticket/Receipt. Please review the date and time on the Ticket carried with you. Such action is essential for you to avoid the delay charges on your extended schedule.

Please review the Rate Calculation page on this web for the more detail. The charging structures are clearly different between the two different cases of the schedule changes as follows:

X) Delay is defined as those instances where we were not provided with 6 hours advance and charged with $2.00 per every 3 hours additionally after the check-out limit allowable.

Y) Extension is defined as those instances where we are provided with the revision at least 6 hours before it takes effect and treated simply extended extra days on 24 hours basis at the standard one day rate.

Therefore, it is important that you advise us immediately of any potential changes so that we can convert those changes to the Extension right away and we will eliminate any additional charges application on you.

Therefore, it is important that you advise us immediately of any potential changes so that we can convert those changes to the Extension right away and we will eliminate any additional charges application on you.

Can you accept the Coupon or Voucher of another airport parking company? If I can not find the location of the company, the Coupon of which I received from my travel agent, I want to park with you, since I have experienced your good service and known your location well.

We at Skyway Park do not accept or honour Coupons or Vouchers from any other companies, since those are their assets and their valuables. But we at Skyway Park do provide our own Coupons on the spot to anyone who wishes to park or tries to park with us and test our quality and friendly service. You can use that Skyway Park Coupon immediately or at a later date.

How fair and current are the US$ and CN$ exchange rate that you use?

Our exchange rates have been closely monitored and the fluctuations are intelligently adjusted by reflecting as realistically as possible to the markets for the outright fair index rate and updated from time to time.

Is there any way for us to express our check-in and get shuttled away to our terminal, during your peak time to avoid the long line-up?

Yes, there are 2 valid express check-in types by the 2 methods of reservation available through the Internet instruments for us.. Please review express Check-in and Reservation pages in this website. Advantage Express Check-In by the deposit payment reservation by the outside internet booking provider. Skyway Express Check-In by our web QCI reservation.

It is in reality only the time of your check-in process that you need to spend the time with us prior to your shuttle-away to your airport terminal. All what we need for your express shuttle to the airport is your basic data such as your name, car license plate # and flight schedule. Therefore, both existing internet booking services for Skyway Park are just the best methods you need to use for your express-go to your terminal.

Can I reserve a parking spot through the web page or by phone?

We have currently 2 different ways available for you to make reservation of Skyway Park as our flexibly designed booking formula for as many variety of customer as possible: