[Q] Where are you located? Do you have any materials to show me how to get your Skyway Park?

[A] Yes, please log in our website at www.skywaypark.ca and click on our Where to Find Us page. If you need more detailed information or driving information, please search for us on various map providers:

[Q] What makes Skyway Park Different?

[A] Airport parking is cumbersome to say the least, if you park at the airport you are left stranded because there is no staff to assist you and you are left looking for signs and instructions, hauling your luggage, and given poor direction where to go! As well, you are faced with an exuberantly high cost for such an inconvenience. Skyway Park contrasts against that by providing consistent service from when you arrive to our parking lot escorting you to your parking spot; Leave our parking lot by assisting you into our immediate shuttle; Arrive at the airport by providing luggage assistance from the shuttle; immediate pickup when you return offering a toll free number to contact us by; and further assistance when you get to your vehicle. It is this attention to service which distinguishes us from all parking providers for Pearson International Airport, and with significantly less cost than that of the airport.