DROP-OFF & PICK-UP SERVICE by Skyway Park Shuttle Busses

Our daily practice of airport drop-off and pick-up has provided us with much experience that has contributed to the streamlined service we offer today.

Just as any other service and hospitality businesses, peak time workload is our absolute challenge through which we see many issues arise which may require your patience.

We operate all our services with a customer-first policy, including our pick up and drop off shuttle services which are considered the fundamental core of the off-airport parking operation. Our shuttle offers quick, flexible and attentive care for the individual with different needs in mind.

DROP-OFF SERVICE (taking you to the airport)

The airport drop-off services are always the most pleasurable part of our business, as the joyful mood of our customers who are about to make their exciting getaways always influence us positively even during such busy periods. As long as customers arrive at our Skyway Park at least 2 hours prior to their flight departure time, we can ensure that you will not miss your flight.

The Skyway Park shuttle takes only 7 to 15 minutes to get to the terminals, barring any unforeseen circumstances -such as unpredictable traffic congestions that restrict our shuttle's routes. However, it is always better to allow more time for other factors: such as the potential line up at Skyway Park check-in counter, Airline check-in counters and the recent tight airport security checks in the 3 terminals. (For the more details, please browse the Frequently Asked Questions page)

Drop-Off's include


This portion of our airport parking services provides for some challenges. The customers' hectic itinerary, long flight and sense of having their vacation come to an end, usually leaves a traveller exhausted. We extend our sympathies to those travelers who arrive early morning and later at night after having put up with lengthy flight delays and gone through the customs only to wait longer to be picked up by airport shuttle bus.

We at Skyway Park, therefore, commit to react quickly to our customers' pick-up calls from the terminals, to scramble to reach the waiting customers, to pick them up orderly and swiftly, and to drive them back safely and promptly. The ultimate objective of all of our members is to work hard for our customers to enable them to get to their final destination from our Skyway Park parking lot.

Pick-Up's include

Pick up procedure

  1. Pick up your luggage first!
    (If you call first prior to picking up your luggage, you will most likely miss the shuttle bus dispatched for you.)
  2. Call our Skyway Park desk at 1-800-474-3820 or 416-674-1754 (printed on your Skyway Park Ticket/Receipt.) to identify yourself by the Ticket (#).
  3. Obtain your Pick-Up (#) and locate your Post # outside of the terminal as designated by our dispatcher. The post numbers depend on terminal, please verify with the dispatcher upon arrival as post numbers are subject to change. 
    • Terminal-1: Post # E3
    • Terminal-3: Post # 41
  4. Wait for our Skyway Park shuttle bus at the designated Post # above for 10-15 minutes Max.
  5. Make sure of your turn and place by your Pick-Up (#), should there be a waiting line.
  6. Present your Pick-up (#) to our shuttle driver upon your shuttle's arrival for you.
  7. Load your luggage into our bus with the driver's assistance and board our shuttle bus by watching your step. (You will arrive at SkywayPark within 10-15 minutes.)
  8. Remain in your seats until our driver can drive you to your parking spot.
  9. Transfer your luggage to your car, with help from our driver.
  10. Check your car's oil, air pressure, and fuel to ensure a safe drive home.