The owners and management of Skyway Park believe in accountability and support a strong corporate ethic. We aim to maintain public confidence in us by listening to both claims and accolades of our customers.

We have stated our corporate values and provided examples of our operational integrity. Our security record is evidence of our trustworthiness and accountability. We trust that our strong code of ethics will result in the tangible return of a fair yield. We also believe that our affirmative corporate policies will benefit society.

At the same time, we stand on the premise that "to err is human". To that end, we will not hide our mistakes but will hold them up to the light to learn from them. We will learn in order to improve customer service and to make us better corporate citizens.

We depend on your frank and honest feedback in order to serve you better. You can register your comments with our Communication or Marketing and Customer Relations representatives at:

Skyway Park Location:
  		60 Skyway Avenue, Etobicoke Ontario
  		M9W 4Y9 Canada
		Tel: (416) 674-1754 and (416) 674-0394,
		Toll Free Tel: 1-800-474-3820 Fax: (416)-674-6949