Six Reasons
Why your quality airport parking experience shall start with Skyway Park this Winter!

Skyway Park aims to assure their customers the following:

  1. The best value in parking with highest quality, beneficial optional features and lowest prices for any comparable service class.
We avoid over-stated representation of our services or disproportional discounts on inflated prices.

  2. The most flexible and affordable rates
Our rates and services are competitively priced better than similar services

  3. The most trustworthy and friendliest Customer Relations personnel!
With four parking attendants on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, available at your convenience you will never need to worry about being buried in snow, stuck on ice, or stalled with a dead battery.

  4. The entire main traffic areas are maintained 24/7 by our own equipment:
Using our own equipment (including snow removal, ice removal, and other ground maintenance equipment) we are able to quickly mobilize our staff for your safety.

  5. Skyway Park's, On-spot, Pick-up/Drop-off shuttle services are unparalleled.
You load your luggage into the shuttle directly from your parked vehicle, and the shuttle returns you directly to your parked vehicle. No more dragging your luggage to a designated spot waiting at length for your pick-up; and no additional worry about being alone at night or in the early morning. During severe weather conditions, our drivers are trained to ensure your engine starts before you are heading home. Also, our 24/7x365 personal patrols throughout the complete parking lot, contribute to our reciving the highest security rating as an off-airport parking provider.

  6. All the vehicles parked with us are handled with the greatest of respect and cared-for in accordance with the contracted Service-Type.
With Self-Park, the customer keeps their own vehicle keys, while with the staff insured Personal-Care Park, the keys are left with us, so that we can meet customer expectations communicated to us in advance, such as have the engine warmed up and ready to go.