Skyway Park

Airport Parking

Open 24/7 Since 1990!



Self Park with Skyway Park With Self Park, you will check-in at the Skyway Park front desk then return to your vehicle where our shuttle bus will lead you to a parking spot. After you have parked, the driver will then assist putting your luggage into our shuttle and provide any additional assistance as you need. Note: We will keep track of your parking space so you won't have to!

With Self Park, you keep your keys! Like all parking lots in Ontario, It is important to note that you park your car at your own risk. With Self Park we leave the safety and responsibility of your vehicle in your hands as we will never take possession of it. Liability information is provided on this website and at the bottom of the payment receipt when you check-in.

The Self Park Shuttle departs for the airport immediately after your luggage has been loaded and all passengers are in the vehicle. Our vehicles have full safety features for their vehicles class and are maintained regularly so we encourage proper use of safety belts and seating. Note: There may be other customers in queue that will join you to the airport. This is common as we often see several customers taking similarly scheduled flights.

At the Airport Terminal, The driver will assist you in exiting the shuttle bus and unload the luggage to the airport walk ways. Our Shuttle driver will do their best to get you off loaded closest to your airline check-in counter as possible depending on traffic or safety concerns, typically minimizing your walk. At this time it is best to double check if you have all your luggage and to double check if you have your keys on you - we will not hesitate to drive you back if you feel you left something in your car.


Front Row Valet Park with Personal Care Parking at Skyway Park

Personal Care Valet parking is offered at a flat fee providing customers premium worry-free services related to parking your car.

With Personal Care Valet Parking, you can park immediately at the front row Valet Park designated spaces then check in at the front counter located along side those spaces. Note: You may also check-in first as usual, where we will instruct you to park in those front-lot spaces

With Personal Care We Keep Your Keys Safe! Our shuttle busses remain at the front of the lot to serve our Personal Care customers first. There, our driver will take the keys from you and tend to all other conveniences offered by our Self Park service including luggage assistance. Note: All keys are stored in our front office under security cameras in sealed envelopes. This allows us to ensure we don't lose your keys and to maintain our no joyriding guarantee

We provide assurance with our Vehicle condition report with all Personal Care Vehicles Our Personal Care vehicles will include a vehicle condition report which assesses the exterior condition and the odometer & fuel level reading of your vehicle. Most personal care vehicles will travel less than a kilometer in our main lot, however, we do maintain a secure fenced lot nearby as we avoid double parking with our valet service during busy seasons.

Seasonal Benefits and more: Prior to your return to our parking lot, your car will be brought to the front center of our parking lot with the engine ready and the temperature control set. Warming up or Cooling down your vehicle as needed. In the winter additional de-iceing and snow removal is done hours before your return allowing you to leave without the extra effort to clear your car from snow and ice that can accumulate over time. Additional Services can be requested including Car Wash, Wax, and detailing service allowing you to have a car better than you left it - without any expense to your time.


Skyway Park Shuttle

Skyway Park offers an exclusive, high quality, always available shuttle service that you never have to pay for!

By providing a more premium on demand shuttle service over a more common scheduled, rotational bussing service, Skyway Park customers' benefit by having transportation available immediately after they park their car. This no-wait approach ensures you will never have to sit at a bus-stop, or jump on an overcrowded vehicle, between your car and the airport.

This works both ways! When returning back from your travels at Pearson International Airport, Our Shuttle Service is available on demand, picking you up from designated pick up posts conveiniently available in each terminal you return to. Since our drivers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without exception - you can be certain never to be left stranded when you arrive early, late, or just on time.

The typical time between the airport and your vehicle is under 15 minutes! This is a goal for our company to maintain this speed of service. We cannot guarantee extraneous situations such as rare traffic congestion or extreme weather, however, being located so conveniently close to the airport enables us to avert and detour most minor traffic and maintain good times. We still recommend adequate planning and to follow airport guidelines around check-in times.

It's not uncommon for us to get to the airport within 8 minutes! With this note, we have to remind our customers to only call for a pick-up AFTER obtaining your luggage and clearing customs.

8 ways Skyway Park shuttle drivers serve you better:

  • Orderly standby for the customers who complete check-in procedures.
  • Remind our customers to keep their Skyway Park Ticket/Receipt with them.
  • Guide the customers to their paid parking spot and help them to park correctly.
  • Assist the customers in the transfer of their luggage to our shuttle.
  • Use smaller shuttle vans for individual ride and larger busses for group rides.
  • Deliver customers on time to meet their individual flight schedule.
  • Drop off the customers and unload their luggage at the spot closest to their airline check-in counter.
  • Pick up the customers at their terminals with minimum waiting time.

Consequently, our shuttle service is well-known to the frequent travelers who have tried us, as the one with the best, most convenient service by the friendliest and most honest drivers and attendants.