Skyway Park

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Main Lot Upgrades in Progress

We are taking advantage of the significantly reduced airport traffic at Pearson International Airport by upgrading our main service lot at 295 Belfield Rd. The rare opportunity to clear and work on a parking lot during summer months allows us to easily perform necessary upgrades without having to significantly encumber our operation.

Parking Lot Maintenance
Skyway Park Upgrades

7855 Finch Ave.

We currently operate a satallite lot that serves Wet 'N' wild Amusement Park for Toronto. This lot includes 24/7 security, hidden cameras, a forested perimeter, and as a result of the pandemic: plenty of open parking. We can best maintain our 24/7 operation by consolidating our summer parking at this location!

We intend to operate from this location from June 2021 until August 2021, ideally reopening our main lot, with upgrades, ahead of the Canadian Government permitting international travel again!