What can you do for us, if we find we experience our car in trouble while we were away and need immediate repairs during Sundays and holidays, or the late night or early morning where no garage or repair shops are open?

Our commitment to you is that we shall try our best efforts to fix or solve your problem. For basic or conventional troubles, such as flat tire, low or dead battery power and so forth, which are repairable with the appropriate devices or equipments on hand at our office; you can repair yourself or with assistance from the in-house staff. If your car trouble is more complex and requires a garage, we do have an in-house car mechanic who is able to assist as long as it does not require any special tools and the necessary parts are available. For the worst case scenario, as we are the drop-off point of Enterprise Rent-A-Car, we can arrange a rental car for your convenience, if you wish.

What should we do, if we have lost our car key or left it inside our locked car?

We can arrange to call an outside certified agent such as lock smith or the like for you. We at Skyway Park are not able to provide such a service through our in-house staff strictly as our corporate policy of the safety and security for our customers' interests. Even if our customers left their keys with us for Valet Parking, their keys are sealed in an envelop and only opened just prior to their return to pick up their cars. For security reasons, basically no one is allowed to touch the cars belonging to our Self-Park customers, even during our routine cruising inspection which is conducted over the external parts of their parked cars, as we are fully bound by the indemnification clauses against all damages and loss of the customer cars as specified on our Ticket.

What happens, if we lose our Skyway Park Ticket during our trip and how can we contact you for pick-up at our arrival terminal without it?

It is a good point because, believe it or not, the case has been not rare at all. About 20% of our customers have gone through the same experiences. Their causes of the cases vary in many form or nature but the solution is simple, that is, as soon as you find out that you've lost your Skyway Park Ticket/Receipt, although depending on when or where you realize its missing, please contact us by email, fax or phone call from there. Our phone # can be found by Internet or Bell directory but you can absolutely not contact with us due to no means you have, your last resort is to get our # via the directory of Airport or Bell upon your arrival at the terminal of Toronto Airport and to call us giving us your name and car plate license #.

If there was a mistake made at your check-in counter, how can I get my refund? For example, swiping my debit card twice or three times?

All is your option to get refund by cash, cheque or credit on your debit account. The best option is obviously by credit entry into your debit account to cancel out the double debit entries. Should such errors be obviously taken place, we cancel the double entries on the spot. But if it is unclear how errors are made, we sign our acknowledgement on your Skyway Park Ticket/Receipt and shuttle you to your terminals and get you on your way first, and upon your return at our check-in counter, we settle the account correctly with you corresponding the statement paper produced by the machine. We simply refund you 00% by whatever methods are used.

Are you able to provide me with additional cash on my debit card or credit card transaction? I may have no time to drop in any cash machine on my way to the airport.

Unfortunately since we are not licensed to be able to provide such service, we refrain from such practices. However, strictly for our customer service purpose, we are able to provide it for the amounts less than $100.00 to assist you to furnish your trip with your best possible convenience.

During the winter period, can you help us to remove the ice or snow over our car, or to pull out if stuck in the snow or slipping on the frozen ground?

If you do not carry any snow brush or ice scraper with you to clear your car off, you can use those in our office but our parking attendants are available to assist you only upon your request. We wish to prevent any misunderstandings that Skyway Park caused damage upon their cars while they are away. Some instruction manuals are available at our check-in and check-out office on how to drive your cars out if stuck in the snow or frozen ground. In addition any one of our attendants will be happy to assist you and there is one heavy duty truck or Bob Cat always on stand by for your critical needs, whenever the weather demands. We at Skyway Park always wish to remain within reach and accessible to our customers, whenever they may need us.

What should we do, if we discovered that we have picked up someone else's luggage by mistake?

Please report this quickly to our Skyway Park office along with the details. We will attempt to identify the real owner and advise you how to rectify the mistake quickly and efficiently to satisfy all parties involved.